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Do you realize how much worrying you really do? Have you ever thought about what it would take in order for you to become worry-free? Never to worry again? I made my mind up some time ago that I didn't want to worry. I didn't want to be tied in knots when I dealt with the issues of life. That motivated me to study what causes us to worry, how it affects us, how we can avoid it, how we can get rid of it—and how we can stay rid of worry forever. This book is a compilation of messages I have given through the years that describes what I have learned from studying and abiding in God's Word so that I could overcome worry, fear, anxiety, terror, and even panic attacks. Because I have personally been attacked by each of these and have had to overcome them—and because I know the devil never stops trying to scare us out of our faith in God, no matter how spiritually mature we are—I want to pass on to you what I have discovered in seeking His truth for the answers to my problems. I can tell you this without doubt or reservation: God's Word works! I have also recorded a CD of Scriptures that I have studied, meditated, prayed, and confessed over myself and others through the years. God has used these verses to expose and expel the worries in my life and other people's lives so effectively that I want you to have them also. We have included this CD in this book for you to use. Listen to it. Memorize the Scriptures. Play it over and over until you have the Word of God so deeply embedded in your heart that no worry can ever take hold of you again. Life on planet earth is hard enough without worrying our way through it! Jesus came that we might have abundant life (see John 10:10), and I don't think that includes wringing our hands over every issue and challenge we face! It is my prayer that this book will help you to recognize how worry captures your mind and affects your life, and that it will give you the wisdom and the tools to get free and stay free of it. There is nothing like going to sleep each night at peace with God and all that He is doing in your life. You can Give Up Worry Forever!
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Give Up Worry Forever book
Give Up Worry Forever book
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